Het verschil tussen biologische gunpowder thee en gewone gunpowder thee

The difference between organic gunpowder tea and regular gunpowder tea

How do you recognize organic gunpowder tea from normal gunpowder tea?

Gunpowder tea is the tea that you use as a basis for atay or Moroccan mint tea. The difference between organic gunpowder tea and normal gunpowder is big. It just starts with the color. Most people think that the tea you use for Moroccan mint tea is black tea, but this is not true. It's actually green tea. You can see that on the left of the photo.

But how do people come up with this idea? The normal tea grains that are often used are so dark that people think it is black tea. Normal gunpowder tea is often of low quality, older and pesticides are used in its cultivation.

Organic gunpowder tea often looks green. The tea is of high quality, clean and free of pesticides and therefore healthy. You don't have to rinse this tea either.

We regularly read about tea containing banned pesticides, pesticides, mouse droppings, glass shards, etc. That is why rinsing is important, but no matter how often you rinse, certain pesticides and pesticides will still remain in it.

I was shocked by these types of messages and so my search for organic high-quality tea began. If my family and I drink this type of tea every day, is it safe and what does it do for our health? I want tea that is healthy and safe. Of course you want the best for your family and yourself.

What about our tea?

Ultimately, with great difficulty, I was able to arrange organic tea. Before we launched our tea on the market, we drank the organic tea ourselves and it was for our own use. Family, friends and acquaintances were interested in it and were very positive. At a certain point, people asked more often about the tea. This was one of the reasons for selling the tea and making it available.

The tea from Atay Atelier is of the highest quality and organic, so you do not have to rinse the tea and it requires less work.

It is also healthier and you can drink it with peace of mind. We only want the best.

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