Our story

We would like to bring people together to connect, exchange stories and enjoy a moment of peace in the heart of Utrecht.

Inspired by the Moroccan mint tea tradition where hospitality and the exchange of stories are central. The best of two worlds coming together under one roof – A riad on the Oudegracht.

We strive to create a unique mint tea studio, where stories and art come to life. Shop, catering and studio in one.

You can come to us for tasty, organic Moroccan mint tea in different flavors. But also for art, a workshop or following a live podcast. And all while enjoying a hot cup of tea.

Cultural connection

Atay is more than just tea. It is the symbol of Moroccan hospitality. A special moment to share with your loved one, family, friends and complete strangers. It's inviting and you can drink it with anyone. Atay is inclusive and leads to connection. It creates an atmosphere that invites stories and good conversations.

We want to honor that tea tradition. At Atay Atelier everyone is welcome and we want to contribute to connecting different cultures to promote mutual understanding.

Supporting art & culture

Atay has inspired many writers, artists and musicians in Morocco, such as the famous song Siniya by Nass el Ghiwan , the Beatles of Morocco.

The rich tea culture came with the migration of many guest workers from Morocco to Europe and was passed on from generation to generation. Atay therefore has a symbolic, cultural, emotional charge for the diaspora in the Netherlands and Europe.

To remain in the tradition of atay, we as Atay Atelier want to support (young) Dutch creatives and artists of Moroccan roots who are committed to themes such as cultural identity, migration from disciplines such as music, literature, photography, design and visual arts. By sparring, networking, joining Radio Atay or simply getting space to create and exhibit it, but also by organizing cultural evenings. In this way we want to contribute to the preservation of the cultural heritage of the diaspora in the Netherlands.