Atay Atelier x Culturele Zondagen: Marokkaanse diaspora & community Expo

Atay Atelier x Cultural Sundays: Moroccan diaspora & community Expo

Atay Atelier organizes this exhibition in collaboration with Cultural Sundays. In this exhibition we present two professional makers who focus on the Moroccan diaspora and community building within this group. With their artworks they show how the Moroccan community has spread across the world and how this community is still actively building connections and networks. By means of
different art forms including photography, video art and graphic design, these makers show us the reach of Moroccan culture and the power of collaboration and solidarity.

Jaouad Khatiri is the founder of the creative platform Maghreb Diaspora. With his visuals he seeks connections with the Moroccan community beyond the borders of the Netherlands. He focuses mainly on video art and graphic design, and recently launched his 'GameBoy collection'.

Ilias Bardaa is a visual creator who works primarily within the field of the photographic medium. His interests revolve around telling stories that relate to social themes. Over the years, Ilias has created stories based on culture, connection and memories.

His most recent photo series 'Acquainted in Deep Waters' is a reflection on cultural background, community and identity. It arose from his desire to explore his personal identity, which ultimately moved him to spend an extended period of time in Morocco. There through interaction with both the community and the land he discovered hidden parts of himself. From this transformative experience, poetic landscapes and moving portraits developed.

When: Sunday April 23, 2023

Walk-in: 12:00 - 18:00

Podcast Atay Atelier

During the pop-up exhibition 'Moroccan diaspora & community' there will be an accompanying conversation, in the format of a podcast. In this conversation we focus on the power of art in building connections and increasing representation within the Moroccan diaspora community. We will talk to makers Jaouad Khatiri and Ilias Bardaa, both of whom show the diversity and resilience of Moroccan culture in a unique way. The public present is invited to attend and participate.

Radio Atay can be listened to on Spotify:

Cultural Sundays

The theme of this edition of Cultural Sundays is Catch Of The Day: Young talent makes itself known!

Discover the new generation of local, creative makers during the first Cultural Sunday of 2023; 'Catch of the Day'!

Ambitious young artists and musicians from all over the region give their unique view of the world and show you what they have to offer at various locations throughout the city. From classical to experimental, from musical to artistic and everything in between! You can see it at the Dom Tower, the Kargadoor, the City Hall, Atay Atelier and the Oase Community Center.

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